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Brewing Prosperity Through Community Entrepreneurship

Welcome to EASI Coffee, a visionary community entrepreneurship project initiated and led by LionHeart In The Community (LITC) as an extension of our successful EASI (Entrepreneurship, Education, Sports, and Information Technology) program. Situated in Wum, Menchum Division, in the North-West Region of the Republic of Cameroon, EASI Coffee is poised to transform lives and revive the local economy through coffee cultivation.

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Our Vision: Cultivating Success, One Bean at a Time

At EASI Coffee, our vision is to empower the local community, foster active citizenship, and create sustainable careers, with a special focus on encouraging girls to explore the tech industry. Our broader mission is to build a network of sports coaches and leaders while revitalizing a community historically reliant on subsistence farming.

Mission: Growing Together, Thriving Together

EASI Coffee is committed to achieving its vision through a cooperative approach. We collaborate with the local community, chiefs, and key stakeholders to establish a cooperative of trained coffee farmers. Simultaneously, we partner with the Aghem Cooperative Credit Union to provide essential bridging loans and grants to these farmers.

Our Commitment to Excellence

EASI Coffee operates on a foundation of strong values, encapsulated in our motto: “Together, we can make a better life for all.” We uphold the highest standards of member eligibility criteria, customer service, product quality, employee relations, management style, and competitive positioning.

Best Experience

The income generated from this project has significantly supported my family's sustainability. I would like to request some seedlings to plant in my yard, further enhancing our livelihood.
Mr Nzei Mbong

Purpose: Brewing Prosperity, Empowering Communities

The core purpose of EASI Coffee is to kick-start economic regeneration. We aspire to empower local farmers to attain economic independence, thereby uplifting the entire community. By cultivating Arabica coffee on a substantial scale, we create a sustainable source of income for farmers and rejuvenate the local economy.

Our Ambitious Goals: Transforming the Coffee Landscape

EASI Coffee envisions the formation of a cooperative comprising trained coffee farmers, community leaders, and stakeholders. Our objective is to substantially increase Arabica coffee production in the Division, escalating it from the current less than 100 tons to an impressive 1,600 tons in just 6-7 years. This ambitious goal will be achieved by cultivating a minimum of 8,000 hectares of land.

Join Us on This Coffee Journey

EASI Coffee invites you to be part of this incredible journey towards revitalizing communities, empowering individuals, and nurturing sustainable careers. Together, we can make a significant impact and create a better life for all.

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