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Empowering Through Art & Media

Are you ready to witness the extraordinary?

The Ability Project is a transformative 3-month traineeship and work experience program designed for individuals living with physical disabilities. Our mission is simple: to break barriers and empower.

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What We Do

  • Bring together diverse talents within the disability community.
  • Nurture independence, teamwork, and career aspirations.
  • Defy stereotypes while building skills in media, art, and entertainment.
  • Document their journey in an inspiring docuseries.

The Docuseries

Join us as we unveil the challenges and triumphs of these remarkable individuals, showcasing their daily battles and ultimate victories.

Our Partners

LITC collaborates with local production experts, Film academies, government bodies, and NGOs dedicated to supporting people living with disabilities.

Meet Our Pioneers

Our first batch of 5 participants is already blazing a trail, mastering skills in public relations, scriptwriting, acting, and artistic directing. Their journey is just beginning, but the impact is profound. This is more than a project; it’s a movement towards a more inclusive world. Experience the power of determination, resilience, and creativity with The Ability Project. Join us in this inspiring journey. Take Action Now  

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