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LionHeart in the Community (LITC) is a social enterprise mobilising the power of sport, education, technology and art to empower local communities. We offer courses from level 1 to level 7, International mobility programmes, internships, work placements, sports, media and arts programmes in 18 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Each programme on our website has a link to an application form, if you are not sure which programme would be best for you contact LITC (info@litc.org) or your sign-up centre to receive the information and guidance needed.

LITC provides (IAG) to help you choose the program that suits you best. You can choose from advanced qualifications, work experience in different countries, volunteering programmes, and create your own opportunities.

Some of our courses are fully or partially funded for eligible participants, check out the individual course page and if you have any questions email us at info@litc.org.

Contact LITC Admin to provide you with the information needed.

Customer Support:

Send us an email at info@litc.org or give us a call on 02033970303 to check your status and if ready make an appointment through us.

Notify your recruiter/sign-up centre at info@litc.org or give us a call at 02033970303.

To find out course start dates, locations and timings login to your portal on this website and access your portfolio to see any planned assessments, classes or assignments that are due.



If you have difficulties accessing your portal send us an email at info@litc.org or give us a call on 02033970303.

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