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At LionHeart in the Community (LITC), we are proud to have an experienced and dedicated team leading our organisation. Our leadership team is composed of individuals who have a deep commitment to our mission of creating a better world through the power of sport and education.

Board of Directors

Alice Piller Roner

Chief Executive Officer

Hello, I’m Alice, the CEO at LITC. I’m deeply committed to catalysing organisational change and fostering social impact. With a rich background in finance and business management, I focus on enhancing financial performance, cultivating strategic partnerships, and steering impactful projects. My journey, underpinned by a BSc in Accounting and Finance from Oxford Brookes University, has been marked by successfully managing financial operations in the nonprofit sector. My expertise in strategic planning, project management, and team leadership, coupled with strong communication skills, helps me effectively collaborate with diverse stakeholders. I am passionate about driving LITC towards greater achievements and broader impact.

Kelly Kum

Chief Financial Officer

 Hello, I’m Kelly, the CFO at LITC. With an MBA in Finance, I bring experience managing finances for large and small businesses. My analytical approach focuses on optimising operations and fostering industry partnerships. I prioritise innovation, utilising technology and data to drive strategic decisions, enhancing performance and value creation. Leading financial strategy at LITC, my goal is to deliver impactful results and facilitate our growth objectives. 

Tegha Kum

Chief Development and Regeneration Officer

 Hello, I’m Tegha, the Chief Development & Regeneration Officer at LITC. I’m dedicated to driving impactful programs that resonate with our community and vision. With over a decade in the nonprofit sector, I’ve honed skills in project management and strategic planning. Joining LITC was a natural step in my mission to create meaningful change.  My drive for social justice mirrors LITC’s ethos. I’m committed to developing initiatives that address challenges faced by underserved populations, aligning with our core values.

Kum Chi

Chief Learning & Quality Officer

Hello, I’m Kum Chi, the Chief Learning & Quality Officer at LITC. I am dedicated to ensuring excellence in our learning and training initiatives. I have a BA(Hons) in Business Studies from Cardiff Metropolitan University, and over 9 years of experience in the education sector. My expertise lies in developing learning programs, quality assurance, and integrating the latest technologies in instructional design. I am committed to providing exceptional learning experiences and promoting a culture of continuous improvement.

Lionel Foy


I’m Lionel, Founder and Chairperson at LITC, where my passion for social entrepreneurship ignites my mission to grow organisations and communities. Inspired by sport’s unifying power, years in business and diverse start-ups shaped my dedication to breaking down barriers and achieving operational excellence. I lead with innovation and a collaborative spirit, fueled by my love for football—its teamwork, resilience, and strategic thinking inspire my creativity and dedication, driving LITC’s collective success.

Management Team

Nishanthi Ganegama

Operations Manager

I have over 15 years of experience in operations across media and fundraising, working in leading organisations such as Channel 4, Cancer Research and most recently King’s College London. As the interim Campaign Development Consultant at King’s College London, I applied my expertise in operations and communication to support the strategic planning and development of the university’s next fundraising campaign to fund vital scholarships and life-changing research. I am proud to now join LITC as Operations Manager, to help shape the organisation as it continues to develop and grow. I share the passion & values of LITC, dedicated to improving social equality across the UK and internationally. I am excited to be part of an incredibly impactful non-profit providing unique opportunities to young people, whilst also creating sustainable positive change for global communities through development programmes. 

Charles Yasin

Partnership Manager

Asalaam Walaikum, my name is Charles Yassin. I prefer to be called Yassin. I’m the Partnership Manager here at LITC. I’ve always been a people person and have taken an active interest in my local community as well as other communities near and afar. I have always wanted to impact, empower, and positively affect my community, to be the change that I want to see. This led me to Join LITC to create long-term effective partnerships and programs that have lasting benefits and impact in communities, creating conversation and provoking ideation through arts and sports; and giving a platform to those who might not have certain opportunities readily available. opportunities readily available. 

Administrative Team

Marie-Solange Dikongue

Administrative Manager

I’m Marie-Solange, LITC’s Head of Administration, an enthusiastic and motivated professional thriving on new challenges. With a flexible approach, my current objective is to contribute my diverse skills in a professional environment. Seeking opportunities for career development, I aim to leverage my experiences within an organization that values hard work, integrity, and results. Excited to be part of LITC’s dynamic team.

Eva Galindez

Administrative Officer

Hello, I’m Eva, a proud member of the LITC team for over 7 years. Starting as an apprentice, I’ve grown alongside LITC, and currently, I’m dedicated to the administration side, guiding applicants at the start of their journey and ensuring our students receive the support they need. My aim is to provide exceptional service, helping students feel confident and well-supported during their time with LITC. Committed to continuous learning and development, I’m focused on enhancing my skills through LITC’s courses and support, ensuring our services always maintain the highest quality.

Nikolina Nenova

Finance and Administrative Officer

 Hi, I’m Nikolina, Finance and Administration Officer at LITC. I joined the LITC team more than 2 years ago, and my long experience in the financial sector and administrative services helped me integrate into the team successfully. My goal is to apply my knowledge and skills to provide learners with the best experience at LITC and help them cope with the challenges they face in the learning process. My mission is to promote social justice and equality among disadvantaged populations, which resonates with LITC’s core values. At the same time, I continue to learn to improve my skills and knowledge through LITC and courses to provide learners with the best service that will enhance my contribution to LITC.

Quality Assurance Team

Cecile Abah

Head of Quality Assurance

Greetings, I’m Cecile, Head of IQA at LITC. My mission is to empower and support my team in achieving their goals, fostering lasting, positive changes, and inner peace. I collaborate closely with my team to identify opportunities for growth and improvement, ensuring high-quality training, learning, and assessment services that meet rigorous standards. With extensive managerial experience and a strong academic background in psychology, counselling, education, and management, I’m dedicated to addressing challenges within the Quality department and teaching team. I believe in creating a judgment-free environment where individuals can explore their inner worlds, uncover their strengths, and apply these insights to their lives.

Ibi Orumbie

Internal Quality Assurance Officer

With 18 years in education, I bring a passion for community and excellence to my role as an IQA at LITC. For nine years, I’ve witnessed LITC’s dedication to supporting individuals from all walks of life. My greatest motivation is empowering those facing challenges, whether re-entering the workforce or overcoming educational hurdles. As an IQA, I collaborate closely to ensure the highest quality of educational delivery, shaping learning experiences and supporting growth. Join me in breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for brighter futures. 

Nana Kwame Attikpoe

Internal Quality Assurance Officer

Hello, I’m Nana, and I play a crucial role in LITC’s quality team as an IQA. My primary focus is supporting assessors in delivering top-quality education to our learners. I work closely with the delivery team to ensure that LITC provides exceptional services in training, learning, and assessment, aligning with the standards set by awarding bodies and collaborating with EQAs. My dedication lies in maintaining and enhancing the quality of education offered by LITC, ensuring our learners receive the best possible experience.

Irene Mondo

Internal Quality Assurance Officer

Hello, I’m Irene, an accomplished adult training educator with 15+ years of hands-on experience. My expertise lies in delivering, assessing, and managing courses in Health and Social Care, Early Years Educator, and Children and Young People’s Workforce. My strong background in the health and social care sector, coupled with diverse roles, strengthens my ability to assess learners and ensure quality. At LITC, I contribute to the internal quality assurance process, coordinate SV visits, and monitor assessor activities. I’m committed to improving the quality of delivery and ensuring learners achieve the right knowledge, skills, and competence. 

Krimo Fenni

Internal Quality Assurance Officer

 Hello there! I’m Krimo Fenni, a LITC-dedicated Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) with extensive experience in teaching, assessing, and ensuring quality standards. Passionate about fostering an innovative and collaborative work culture, my journey began as a teacher, where I discovered the joy of sharing knowledge. Proficient in English, Arabic, and French, I believe effective communication is key in any business environment. What excites me is the opportunity to share knowledge, provide guidance, and contribute to the success of our learners. Proudly part of LITC’s experienced team and committed to achieving collective and personal goals.

Aminu Ahmadu (PhD)

Internal Quality Assurance/Instructor

Hi, I’m Aminu, a Quality Assurance Officer with a background in project management and Agile Scrum. I possess a PhD in business innovation. My passion is creating a level playing field for everyone, aligning with LITC’s commitment to social justice. With expertise in quality assurance and project management principles, I bring a unique perspective. I’m excited to contribute to LITC’s mission and collaborate on impactful programs. My active involvement in community initiatives reflects my dedication to meaningful impact. I look forward to joining the LITC team and contributing to development and regeneration efforts in line with the organization’s core values.

Roy Ouambo

Quality Assurance Officer

My name is Roy and I have a passion to help others and a commitment to excellence. Meeting learners from different walks of life is one of the most exciting elements of working in learning and development. I not only participate in their training, but also help them develop the knowledge and skills they need for their future careers. This means I need to understand their strengths and make sure they are ready to take their success to the next level. I get a lot of satisfaction out of training and motivating people to succeed, and find it very rewarding once my previous learners achieve their qualification after putting in the required level of work.

Nina McCarthy

Head of Hair & Beauty in Further Education

Hello, I’m Nina, leading the Hair & Beauty department at LITC. My 13-year journey in the beauty industry began with my salon, evolving into a fulfilling career in lecturing and beauty therapies. With a decade in further education, my joy comes from seeing our learners grow and succeed with confidence. At LITC, I’m committed to delivering exceptional learning experiences, aligned with our shared values and passion. Outside work, I cherish family time, rejuvenate at spas, and enjoy walks with my two dogs, balancing professional dedication with personal well-being.


Jake Worrall

Fitness Assessor/Instructor

Hi, I’m Jake Worrall, thrilled to be part of the LITC team. As a learner engagement and fitness course delivery supporter, I’m passionate about our shared vision for making a positive impact. With vast experience in the fitness sector, I’ve dedicated myself to delivering courses and fostering gym collaborations for employment opportunities. Advocating for apprenticeships, I bring diverse skills to LITC, passing on valuable knowledge. Aligned with LITC’s values, I focus on community support and helping individuals pursue fulfilling careers. Outside work, I prioritize family time, exploring new experiences, and staying active through sports, running, and gym activities.

Rich Moor


Hello everyone! I’m Richard Moore, part of LITC’s team focusing on vocational qualifications in sport, health & fitness. With over 30 years in the leisure industry and 21 years in education, I’ve helped 2,000+ individuals kickstart or advance their careers. Passionate about breaking barriers to learning, I believe in creating opportunities for everyone to achieve their dreams. Outside work, I’m a family man with three daughters, enjoy sports, and love spending weekends outdoors. Let’s work together to turn dreams into reality

Clarence Kelly


Hello, I’m Clarence, an experienced and passionate Assessor with a deep love for education. I have a rich background in teaching youth across different countries, where I’ve developed comprehensive curricula that align with current education standards. Since joining LITC in September 2018, I’ve actively engaged in transformative learning experiences. My journey here has been one of continuous personal and professional growth, thanks to the incredible support and camaraderie of my colleagues

Community Coaches

Ernestine Kom

Community Impact Coach

Hello! My name is Ernestine Kom and I am a volunteer coach at LITC Cameroon. I am a trained teacher and am deeply passionate about using purposeful play to positively impact the youth in my community. With over nine years of experience in the nonprofit sector, I continuously empower myself through seminars, online, and onsite training. I have been a part of LITC since 2016 and it has been a true blessing. The organisation has helped shape my ideas towards my mission of creating positive change in youths. I am dedicated to developing initiatives that address the challenges faced by underprivileged youths, especially girls and empowering them to reach their full potential. 

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