LITC Reach Ghana

The LITC Reach Programme in Ghana provided a transformative experience as I had the
opportunity to travel to Accra and Bokuruwa and engage with young students participating in the IGNITE programme. This initiative, spearheaded by Footprints365 Charity, aimed to inspire and empower students to broaden their aspirations, take a leading role in transforming their lives, and positively impact their communities. Through workshops, field trips, and collaborative activities, the programme focused on skill-building, team-building, cross-cultural training, and personal development.


The IGNITE programme, an integral part of the LITC Reach Programme, focused on encouraging students to expand their worldview and develop the necessary skills to analyze and solve problems in their communities. By combining skill-building activities with team-building exercises, the programme aimed to instill confidence, resilience, and a sense of purpose in the young participants.


During the LITC Reach Programme, we engaged in workshops designed to inspire and equip the students with essential skills. These workshops covered a range of topics such as leadership development, effective communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving. The interactive nature of the workshops allowed the students to actively participate, share theirv ideas, and learn from each other’s experiences.


The workshops also emphasized personal development, helping the students to identify their strengths, passions, and goals. In particular there was a focus on VIP, Vision, Identity and Purpose where they were set tasks to come up in creative ways and showcase to each other what each word word meant to them and how they can develop on these values By exploring their individual abilities and interests, the students were encouraged to embrace their unique qualities and use them as catalysts for positive change.


As a trainee I had the opportunity to visit local communities, interact with community leaders, and witness grassroots initiatives addressing the social challenges for the Boluruwa and Accra communities. These experiences gave me a one of a kind insight as to how changes are being made to provide the students the best support, education and safe spaces needed for them to develop empathy, compassion, and a sense of responsibility towards their communities.


One of the highlights of the LITC Reach Programme was the IGNITE launch, where all participating schools came together to showcase their talents and accomplishments. The showcase was based on the IGNITE curriculum, specifically the BRICKS model, which focused on team-building, cross-cultural training, spiritual development, personal missions, and community building.


Through creative performances and presentations the students demonstrated their newfound skills and successful understanding of the curriculum they are being taught. The IGNITE launch not only served as a platform for the students to showcase their talents but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and mutual support among participants from different schools.


The LITC Reach Programme and the IGNITE initiative had a profound impact on the participating students and their communities. By equipping them with essential skills, instilling a sense of purpose, and encouraging them to take an active role, the programme is empowering the students to become agents of change.


The students are on the way to devolving a broader worldview, allowing them to identify the challenges faced by their communities and formulate innovative solutions as to how to progress socially and academically in their lives. I saw that the programme fostered a spirit of collaboration and teamwork, empowering the students to work together towards common goals.


Moreover, the LITC Reach Programme inspired the students to dream big and pursue their aspirations with confidence. By providing them with opportunities for personal growth, the programme helped them discover their passions, talents, and potential.

Participating in the LITC Reach Programme and engaging with the IGNITE initiative was an enriching experience that allowed me to witness firsthand the transformative power of empowering young


Feedback :
However I did find that having no clear timetable led to some late and last minute events and cancellations of events. I believe this is something that can be improved so that the time the trainees spend on the programme is more useful.

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