The Organisation

LITC is a pioneering social enterprise mobilising the power of Sport, Education, Technology, and Art to empower local communities. LITC offers Community Programmes, International Youth & Volunteering Projects, Skills Development and Apprenticeships in a range of dynamic training qualifications. The organisation supports Young People throughout London to be aspirational, participate in and create their own opportunities, as well as developing their skills and experience to build a strong foundation for their future careers. Through intense and carefully monitored apprenticeships, mentoring schemes, skill building activities, vocational qualifications, and volunteerism, LITC provides unique opportunities for young people and supports them in challenging themselves and unlocking their true potential. Through a range of youth-focused programmes such as Youth Citizenship, Youth Exchanges, Tate Exchange Workshops and Football in the Community projects, LITC provides opportunities not just to develop new skills, but to acquire essential life experiences and attributes; as well as allowing participants to engage in productive discussions and actions around social issues.



Our vision is to harness the power of sport and education to inspire young people and impact communities around the world.

Engaging young people in various interactive ways, helping them unlock their potential, and supporting them in bringing meaningful change to their local communities.