Entrepreneurship, Education, Sports and IT

Educating and Inspiring Young People

about easi cameroon

LITC is offering a variety of programmes to engage the youth and the local community to actively cooperate, battle unemployment, substance abuse, encourage social inclusion, open discussion, crime prevention, Global Warming and create a platform for Marketing, Employability and Entrepreneurship sessions for young people.

Our Entrepreneurship, Education, Sports for Development and Information Technology (EASI) programme aims to create local entrepreneurs, promote community and civic engagement,  active citizenship, employability, promote the tech industry as a viable and sustainable career options for girls, empower girls and women and develop the next community sports coaches and leaders. This falls in line with LITC vision of to empower individuals and groups in deprived communities with skills and continuous support focus at personal development in the areas of income, health, nutrition housing as well as education.

Our Mission

The Mission of EASI is to ensure young people, especially young girls receive the educational opportunities, leadership, development and mentoring support necessary to become a new generation of leaders able to impact every area of society across Cameroon and Africa.  EASI would encourage the creation of local entrepreneurs, community and civic engagement, active citizenship, employability, promoting the tech industry as viable and sustainable career options for girls; Empower girls and women and develop the next community sports coaches and leaders.

If you would like to partner with  LITC or submit a referral contact info@litc.org.