The Ability Project

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The Ability Project is a 3 month intensive traineeship and work experience program in which selected persons living with physical disability, from various communities come together (many for the first time) to be part of a project in order to achieve and surpass challenges that would normally stop them in an everyday world.

The overall aim of this project is to contribute towards improved inclusion of persons living with disability. It is a process of empowerment and social transformation. 

The program encourages independence, purpose, team work, confidence and a career path. Fighting stereotypes about people living with disabilities while empowering them with skills to enable them find and sustain employment in media, art and entertainment is the goal. 


A docuseries of the process will showcase the challenges these persons go through on a daily basis as well as how they overcome them and progress into their careers. Subsequent episodes and series will follow up on their career progress whilst focussing on different participants. 

LITC has partnered with a local production company, Film academy, local government and a couple of NGOs supporting persons living with disabilities.

So far the first batch of 5 participants have been engaged and are currently finishing their first month of training in public relations, script writing, acting and artistic directing. The approach used is work based and as such work products are being generated to demonstrate understanding and competence over time.