EASI Coffee

EASI Coffee is a transformative community entrepreneurship project that has been developed, and would be implemented, by LionHeart in the Community (LITC) as part of its existing EASI (Entrepreneurship, Education, Sports and Information Technology). The project is based in Wum, Menchum Division, in the North-West Region of the Republic of Cameroon. It encourages the creation of local entrepreneurs; promotes community and civic engagement, active citizenship, employability; promotes the tech industry as a viable and sustainable career options for girls; as well as developing a network of sport coaches and leaders.

The broad aim of EASI Coffee is to revive the local economy by tapping into a resourceful but largely economically inactive community that has traditionally relied on subsistence farming. EASI Coffee aims to persuade the local community to grow Arabica coffee on a mass scale by guaranteeing their produce and thereby allowing the farmers and their wider families to benefit from selling their coffee beans on the international market.