EASI has developed a two tied program to provide holistic support the young people need, to develop into leaders. Our sustainable model is also committed to tackling the negative attitudes and cultural norms which hold girls back from fulfilling their potential.

All participants join the five year program through referrals, active recruitment and after school clubs.  In this weekly group sessions they take part in an Interactive Coding Instruction using Raspberry Pi, projects in their local schools and communities (Entrepreneurship); and Football using Tackle Africa's Manual.  Participants have the opportunity to earn required school supplies through community service, academic improvement and healthy lifestyles. 



Young people especially girls in Cameroon suffer from high rates of unemployment.


Teenage Pregnancy

Thousands of girls suffer sexual exploitation and abuse every year.

High School Dropout

Completion of secondary school remains a challege for many girls, especially those from poor homes living in rural Wum.

Early Marriage and Poverty

Due to poverty, lack of Education and Cultural norms child marriage remains commonplace.


EASI is working for a world where these young people can overcome these obstacles.  Instructors and Mentors focus on improving; skills and knowledge, social inclusion, active citizenship and mental and economic independence, provide information, advice and guidance to aid information and thinking processes that give them more choices about how to behave in their families. The project will run for five years. It provides the opportunity for over 100 participants and over 400 indirect beneficiaries.


It will contribute towards the development of Education, Social and Civic Engagement, personal development as well as Economic Development in Wum, Menchum Division Cameroon.