International Development

LITC aspires to make a difference to young people and communities on a local, national and international basis. LITC’s International Development services include: Youth; Community Sports Development; and specialist projects.

LITC delivers international projects in Poland, Spain and the Global South, and is interested in working with partners in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and America.

To learn more or work in partnership with LITC, contact our Partnership Manager, Charles Yassin on 02033970303 or by email

LITC is committed to fighting poverty throughout the Global South, supporting communities to improve their way of life and assisting them to be empowered and move themselves out of poverty.



LITC works throughout the Global South combating key health issues, especially HIV and AIDs. LITC’s Health and Wellbeing projects offer guidance on how to avoid contraction of HIV, support for individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDs as well as how to avoid spreading HIV/AIDs.

LITC’s COMBAT project is aimed at providing key support to those with HIV/AIDs. From providing information on drugs available, how to sustain a healthy lifestyle and acting as advocates for people affected by HIV/AIDs in their community and health services. LITC also provides counselling to those affected.

LITC promotes equality wherever we deliver services. LITC is committed to fighting prejudice of all kinds, whilst encouraging participation in Civil Society and equality amongst genders and races. LITC’s democracy programmes promote social action, representation and campaigning in the Global South.

LITC delivers Human Rights awareness training, as well as conflict resolution projects throughout the Global South and other conflict zones. LITC brings communities together, encourages dialogue and promotes the UN Declaration of Human Rights. From 2014, LITC will run a series of international youth exchanges that will emphasise cultural differences and promote International Human Rights.

LITC is committed to raising poverty levels in the communities we work with. As well as ending hunger, LITC works with local agencies to improve poverty stricken communities’ sanitation through developing local infrastructure, ensuring that people have adequate sanitary facilities.

LITC also runs programmes that enhance individuals’ knowledge and understanding on health and hygiene, the connection between poor sanitation, diseases and infection through our Hygiene Education Programme.

LITC is an advocate of environmental sustainability. LITC works with individuals from local communities, and through our ES (Environmental Sustainability) education programmes, promote ways local communities can reduce a negative impact on their environment.


Working with local officials, agencies and leaders, LITC drives environmentally sustainable ways of working, encouraging change, providing training on ‘New ways’ and guidance on fuels and energy alternatives. LITC is currently developing with partners, sustainable fuel for Global South economies, aimed at reducing the problem of deforestation.


LITC’s first education programme – Sustainable Fuel in the Home – encourages local families in Sub-Saharan Africa to learn about different environmentally-friendly and sustainable fuels available, and to learn the skills to run their own sustainable fuel education programmes.