SHORT COURSES Care Certificate

The new Common Induction Standards

Common Induction Standards (CIS) are the standards people working in adult social care need to meet before they can safely work unsupervised.

  • ·  Provides evidence for the Health and Social Care Diploma Level 2 & 3 
  • ·  Meets the outcomes for Skills for Care Common Induction Standards 
  • ·  Includes certification
  • ·  A strong, comprehensive & highly user friendly induction package 
  • ·  A single purchase allows you to print as many copies as you require

Common Induction Standards - Entry into Social Care

  • Common Induction standards have been designed for individuals stepping into social care, as well as those people changing roles or perhaps employers within social care. The successful implementation of the Common Induction Standards is an important step towards delivering of high quality care and support. The CQC's Essential Standards of Quality and Safety highlights the importance and value of robust and extensive induction. They will have to be confident that every new member of staff has been subject to a comprehensive induction process.


  • They have been developed to be achieved within a twelve week time frame in order to allow care workers to demonstrate the provision of high quality care and support. It offers new staff members acknowledgement for his or her work, as well as preparing them for access to future training and qualifications.