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LionHeart In The Community enables people to volunteer in the UK, Europe and West Africa, experiencing first-hand all that volunteering, youth work and work experience has to offer. Successful applicants will join a delightful team of people interested in progress, growth and self-development.  

LITC always welcomes volunteers to assist in our work.

Whether you would like to contribute as an Outreach or Social Media Volunteer, a Mentor, provide assistance on our Youth programmes or even support us in development and fundraising, LITC would be very interested to hear from you.

In order to volunteer, please send your CV and a short email explaining why you would like to get involved in to: info@litc.org


Current Volunteer opportunities

Outreach Volunteers

As a dedicated Outreach volunteer you inspire a new generation of young people and provide information to the general public and organisations about the services LITC provides.  As well as gaining valuable communications skills and CPD experience. 

You can really make a difference, many young people are unaware of the amazing breadth of services we provide and are amazed by the work that we do.  Meeting other people of all walks of life is a positive and helpful way for many who only settle in their comfort zone.  It is a real eye-opener and can encourage young people into Employment, Education, Sports, Music, and Arts.

Social Media Volunteers

We are looking for a social media volunteer to coordinate the online presence of our organization. We regularly receive updates on our field programs via social media which requires downloading, saving to/organizing the network storage, and reposting these photos and messages to our various social media account. This position would also support the development of an online marketing strategy designed to increase the supporter base of and the knowledge of our organization. This would include a coordinated campaign to develop broader awareness of LITC’s support of education and community development.

Erasmus+ Volunteers

LITC is seeking dedicated volunteers interested in supporting the project management of our Erasmus+, Community and wider International Programmes. To learn more about our programmes, visit our Erasmus+ pages.

Sports Coaching Volunteers

Combine teaching English and other subjects of your choice with coaching your favourite sports and bring fun and structure into the life skills development of Cameroon's youth. We offer projects coaching sports in schools, dedicated sports clubs, and community centres. These projects offer you the chance to improve your skills and pass on your passion for sport to children in the developing world.

We support our member volunteers by paying their local travel and lunch expenses. They are also covered by our public liability insurance when doing outreach on our behalf.


Get involved in any of our programmes by filling in the form below. Just let us know
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